Sunday, November 29, 2009

Call Me A Dreamer..

Call me a dreamer..

I’ll becoming the greatest dreamer ever

When I have crush on you

Call me a dreamer

Because there’s no other happiness

Except got myself laugh together with the comfy you..

Call me a dreamer

When your distance was too close to me and seriously it’s really drive me crazy

Call me a dreamer

And could you feel my worries

When my eyes can’t reach for you and keep scanning all over the room to only lock my gave over your preference

Call me a dreamer

Because you might don’t know how was my heart’s thumping

while no one could make me feel this way

Except you

Call me a dreamer

Because your images appear in my every single second

And I couldn’t stop this silliness..

Call me a dreamer..

Because with a dreamer’s mind

Everything gonna change into reality

Because when my mind speaks to you..

I send you a thousand of love energy

Just to wait you to feel it

And receive it..

Surely, I’ll bring you to my reality..

Closer and closer

Till there’s no any distances between us..

Call me a dreamer

Because I just can write all this bullshit

When I’m thinking of you ^^

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