Saturday, March 20, 2010

CONFESSION "Love Has No Reason?"

I always believe in this statement until i meet you..
Suddenly you make me change my mind..

why did i crazy in love with you??

i can make such a million of reason..

i fall in love with you...
with your talents,
with your silliness,
with your unfunny-smile,
with your common voice,
i fall in love with you..
and i do think some girls 
maybe will adore you with the same reasons..

what's special in my feeling, hey you?
from my-a million reasons-to loving you..


i found nothing special from you..
you're just same with the others..
but, just don't know why.. 
this feeling won't go away..
my heart decides it best, 
to keep your everything deep inside it..


Hi.. It's me.. Nana..

And i love YOU..

and i want to know everything from you,
and i want to share my everything with you,
and i hope i can spend my time longer with you,

because it just felt comfort
if u're here.. around me.. :)

and i'm still waiting here, waiting this world to collates your feeling with mine....

is it possible?

why not?

i believe in 'The Secret'

or someone better for my life :)

~ nanana ~

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