Saturday, April 3, 2010

Another Insomnia Night (Again)

She feels like she begin to lose her passion again...
feels like nothing can bring her to her truth happiness
everything maybe wasn't stay for long time..
because everything changes :(

and she has to know..
her passions too..

sometimes she always hears and feels, that people around her said that she had pushed herself too hard..
To making others happy, and leaving her happiness behind..

Maybe she just a clown that always makes and dress up colourfully to make people happy..
But sometimes you must know that clown will be angry, sad, and lonely too..

Sometimes she has to show her true feeling too.. she couldn’t always popping up her three balls without fall down..
But, finally , her sucks feelings only make her lost her way and everybody around her..

Was it her fault?

Maybe that people weren’t deserved to spend their time with her..

She’s not the perfect one, but she always try to be herself and showed herself in the perfect way..

She’s cheerful and sweet, but that’s not mean that she will always stay happy forever..

She is dodol, but she always say it to the other people, that’s because she's afraid to become the only one dodol in this world…

She always makes her stupid decisions, and end up with push herself too hard.. again and again..

"ughh... please nanaa..
stop this STUPID THOUGHS.."

She want to create her new passion AGAIN,
And She will always try to feel good !!!

This insomnia maybe will happen at my other nights, but this bad though will only stop until here, because I’ll fill my next insomnia night with my new PASSION

Come, come here..
I just wanna be wiser and free of desires 


right ?

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