Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bermain dengan cahaya! (I'm Back)

Hola!! It's been a long time ago since i updated my last blog. now have lil things to show you all! hahahaa..

Kemaren ngutak ngatik kamera temen gw Erica, Nikon D3000 dan gw ngeshoot beberapa fotooo.. :D 
pengen pamer dulu ah bentar! *salah satu favorit gw sih! huahahaha...

Cekidot guys :)

Playing with Dolls

a cute cow named 'Phoo' (hue and saturation)

played with contrast and somekind like that

don't don't don't DISTURB!!! LOL...

don't hook up with a girl, please... love!

because of words...

cup of happiness ^^

waving goodbye

♥ the effects
Thanks for watching! *lohh? hahaha..
comments required, please! :D
*akan belajar untuk photoshoot yang lebih baik lagii.. :)

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