Friday, November 30, 2012

a human, that live for your life

i really love his thoughts, his books (even i didn't read it all).
Mello's thoughts is just like an ocean, i can never understand what he mean. He's too 'wide' as a thinker, and that why i envy him a lot.
But, with all i ever get from his thoughts, i think i was more ready to face this life. 

anyway, this is one of my favorite quotes of his.

who is that human, who willing to live for you?

if you get it....
yes, you're right.
that is you, yourself :)

you are the most precious one, more than anything, worth to cherish and worth to be always in consciousness. 

let's love 'this human' as much as you can, to lead 'this human' into a nice life that full of wisdom, grateful things, and awareness :)

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