Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Light Movie Review - Frozen : Fairy Tale in Reality!

It's kinda late to watch frozen in march, but finally!!

Literally, i love the flawless visual work! Very true! 
It always a pleasure to watch Disney's movie: fascinating animation, great yet meaningful story line, gorgeous songs and how each characters express them! And, one thing that made me fall hardly to Disney's movie is: the happy ending. Quite surprised to see, nobody lose anything (i was thinking about the snowman Olaf who will be melted and disappear after the summer has come, but hey! what a cool idea!)
I love how they end up the story. The warm friendship and universal love (include that prince and princess lovey-dovey, sisterhood, and weird things... oh, this is timeless!) 

The message that Frozen want to deliver, obviously acceptable - very smoothly:

"Be brave. 
Be brave enough to love sincerely, and being hurt. 
Be brave to love again and don't let your heart frozen. 
Love is the open door. 
Love is the open-hearted."

One of my favorite quote, ever! <3

Great soundtrack successfully swings my mood, and melt me away. Not only Let It Go itself, but i do hardly love Do You Want to Build a Snowman, LOL. Well, i don't know, but the feeling that the songs gave me are such a sweet goosebumps. :'3

Definition of freedom: 

It's not only about what you'll love to do by yourself. 
I am alone and i am free and i am happy. 
Freedom is how you control your 'power' 
transform your power to made people's day-happily.

Well, i'm about to protest where does Elsa got the curse and who have done that? Despite that, i love how Elsa fix herself out, and found out what is true love (but yet, the climax is too fast. We need couple of minutes to 'celebrate'). Overall, this is kinda warm story to enjoy, and we simply love it!

a normal fairy tale: love at the first sight? Hm, hm, think about it.
Maybe you need to know his foot size :3
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