Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Cracker: crack my head, hack my mind at Poetry Slam!

Challenged by one of the writing-partner-in-crime, i finally decide to try write a spoken word (after we joined a poetry slam show in Salihara Community last sunday - and it's totally impressing!)

In fact, spoken words tastes a lil bit urban for me, it's like you try to 'translate' swinging lilting poetry-language into a very sophisticated words, with the same goal: express the emotion, show the idea!

The emotions and ideas are such great things to deliver to public, because people like to hear the stories with a 'crunchy' way, in a contemporary thingie. In a nutshell, speak with an unique way!

So, well.. this is my very first spoken word, i think the title will be: 

i think i like you
because every single crack on your face
seems like seaweed seasoning cracker
it's salty
but you remind me of the splash of the salt water in the ocean 
through your blinking eyes.

your eyes
i see a glimpse
i see sparks
i see the fire that ready to burn entire city 
and turn it into ashes
the potential in how you tell your dreams, 
your brain.

oh, your brain
i really want to chew every single cell 
beating from your brain and...
gulp, gulp
being drunken in every ideas 
that turns us into endless party
down there
the heartbeat
the rhythm
down there.

it's your heart
and i started to see myself as zombie
walking there
walking dead
afraid of your eyes that contains the tingling sunshine, 
bringing the conservative, 
the so-called butterfly effect
i'm afraid to burn into ashes before i could ever 
see your eyes seeing my eyes,
wondering how it would feels
to be showered by the heat, on that seat
with every cracker that we eat
and we repeat it again. 
crack. crack. crack.
i wanna hack your mind.

and your voice
chirping inside my head
pecking up the logic, 
the arithmetic, 
the periodic table, 
the geometry 
and leaving me nothing scientific but feeling
thump. thump.

i think i like you
the salty water in the ocean that i should have not even try to try, for it can drown me into never ending thirst
your brain that contain hundred billion neurons 
and they keep twinkling zillion of zillion stars above the sky
above my eyes
your eyes...

your eyes,
and a reflection is about to...
beep. beep.

i think i like you
i think i like myself
i think i'm seeing myself in you
i think i am like you.

So, please, tell me,
when you started to feel the person you talk with is a real interesting person and suddenly you just feel really into them... think again, are you seeing yourself there?
And when that phenomenon happen, can you really 'separate' yourself and other?
One kind of impression that Poetry Slam gave me is... a nice experience, and how i see the world, finally wider. 

a calm and windy evening, pieces of poems flew around!

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