Tuesday, October 18, 2011

依然爱你 — 王力宏

我太喜欢他的歌,他的声音,他的脸型,反正关于他,我都喜欢!这从我13岁,听那首 "WHY" 到现在这首歌,我都觉得他每首歌非常有意思。
可是也有点想念啦,因为一直以来每天都会收看CHANNEL V嘛,所以刚好上网到搜狗而遇到了这首歌。可以说,王力宏还有他那个帅气的味道,不管是在声音方面,和歌词,都有了“王力宏”的感觉。一听就马上知道!
 一下是我本身翻译成英语 :3

This guy. 
Always driving me crazy. 
I totally admire his songs, his voice, his face aaaaand everything!*since i was 13 years old ;)
I do know that nowadays, taiwanese music is sinking down because of korean wave ( I know it because i DO listened to them ). Kinda missed taiwanese songs too, so i went to www.sogou.com and found out this song. 
i can say that Leehom's single is still having his sense, soooo here is his new song and my own translation :3

依然爱你 — 王力宏
(Still In Love With You)

一闪一闪亮晶晶 留下岁月的痕迹
twinkle twinkle little star leaving the aging
我的世界的重心 依然还是你
the centre of gravity in my world is still you
一年一年又一年 飞逝仅在一转眼
year by year flies only in a blink of the eye
回忆永远不改变 注定了改变
the memory never changed, but doomed to be changed

我不像从前的自己 你也有点不像你
I'm not like what i used to be, and so do you
现在我眼中你的笑 依然的美丽
now in my eyes, your smile still beautiful
日子只能往前走 一个方向顺势走
days only can move forward, just go on one direction
不知道爱有多久 所以要让你懂
i don't know how long is this love, so i want you to know

我依然爱你 这是唯一的退路
i'm still in love with you, this is the only leeway
我依然珍惜 时时刻刻的幸福
i'm still feel grateful for each times of happiness
你每个呼吸 每个动作 每个表情
your every breathes, every moves, every expressions
到最后 一定会 依然爱你
until the end of time, still in love with you

watch his new song + video here

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