Sunday, July 29, 2012

subscribe for david zeng!

Yay! finally i'll have a long long holiday after a wave of exams, quite tired but hopefully i can get satisfying scores this semester. ;)
it's been a while since the last time i updated my blog, and talk about holiday-which mean it's HOMETOWN, i wanna introduce a friend of mine which is a FOR-REAL-GREAT singer. same hometown, grown up together, and it's expected that he loves music so much and on his way to make his dreams come true; contributing in music.
please welcome, 
DAVID ZENG!!! (...drum rolls)

Here are reasons why i love his music anyway :

*basically, because he is my friend, and it's a subjective opinion, okay?! haha..kidding. His voice, definitely. a really warm, melting, and invites you to listen more and more. It's kinda rare to hear this type of sound, because.... i don't know, he's absolutely the unique one :)

*he arranges and writes song by his self! i've heard once, titled MISSING YOU. and gosh, i was melting. can't wait for the original MV of it (anyway, i'm waiting for the next songs too!)

*he's creative and innovative enough, because i see the exact improvements of his videos, better and better. 

*he's cute, and you won't boring to watch his videos as well!

hahaha... enough, i'm making it sounds like a marketing of newbie singer -.-"

overall, i suggest you to subscribe his videos because i'm subscribing him for the very first time of my Youtube! ahaha... and "The One that Got Away" was really awesome! :D

and also, Missing You :) *this is the one ; original MV making will be held on our Temple soon, Vihara Budi Bhakti Tembilahan. 

here's if you want to find more about David Zeng :

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