Saturday, August 7, 2010

iseng iseng bikin lirik!

 Hmm.. kemaren, dapet kiriman dari Penerbit Dian Dharma nih! 
Trus di dalem nya gw nemuin flyer lomba cipta lagu buddhist yang riang. 
Yeah, walaopun udah tauu ga sempet lagi kirim, 
tapi iseng-iseng ada ide bikin lirik lagu nih jadinyaaa..haahaha...

here is it ~


i'm glad to see i have a mini buddha
exactly here
in my heart

the joy i feel in my heart
to share, to spread
happiness around my world
to beloved family, friends, neighbors,
and all the people

REFF : to be here when anybody need
to be thankful of everything
to be here in this moment
to be grateful of Triratna
and be a bodhisatva-wanna be ~

i'm glad to see i have a mini buddha
exactly in here
in my heart
and i promise
that i'll keep it warmfully
in my heart
forever and after ~

anybody can suggest a good chord? lol
*thankful, grateful, and mindful*
love you 2-08-2010

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