Saturday, June 29, 2013

start selling watches :)

hello adorable readers wherever you are!
just informing (kebetulan lagi pengen centil aje), i'm starting to selling watches (for unisex) since i start to wear it in my daily life (i used to be very lazy to wear this kind of stuff till one day i'd realized wearing watch for on-time habit-since i always late, and to make your hands totally seems not very lonely, LOL)
i'm not selling original watches priced millions, but non-original watches that still make you always be stylish for sure. ;)
let's be fair, everybody want to be good looking without spending too much money on it, soooo.. win win solution! :D

here's my online shop, YELLOWPOLKA (on kaskus)
anyhoo, if you are interested, very welcome to join the club or simply ask me your simple questions.
(okaaaay, feel like a little bit cici-cici mangdu now)

hahaha. happy shopping anyway! :*

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