Thursday, May 30, 2013

catching frame : JJ Lin's Future Tense 以后要做的事 (Lyric and translation)

Future Tense - 以后要做的事 - ending scene
The first time listening this songs, i was about deeply touched for no reason. The lyric simply impressed me, especially the things are all about how you gonna chase your dreams and having ones, and never give up on them. 
But the question is, what are my dreams? I was afraid of dreaming for this last moment, like i never had dreams before. argh. 

路不该是疑问句 - The road shouldn't be a question mark
I was once read about that when we were kids, we truly believed that we have wings to fly, touch the sky and playing with free-birds. What about now? We've surrounded by too many 'dangerous' things called perceptions and expectations. 
I had that moments...lost all my courage for no reasons, and found out that i was about too afraid to face this in front of eyes' brand new world. Uyehh, Uni-life is about to end soon, and it dizzy-ing me, in a certain sense. 

要比谁都清晰 - (the road) (our dreams) has to be clearer than anything
I am arranging new dreams now, and sending my wishes to Universe, taking the very first step to realizing all of them.
So, i can proudly say that JJ Lin beautifully encourages me through fascinating and adorable voice of him, plus his inspiring lyrics. 

Here i am, presenting you this amazing song and lyric, hope that it can motivate you too, even to be a reminder for you that dreams are real, waiting for you in the future.

就像爱从来不曾会风平浪静 - just like love, will never be a smooth journey

以后要做的事 (FUTURE TENSE) - 林俊杰

还没走到最后 请别低着头
沿途捡的梦 是否有些不安和迷惑
有些应该紧握 有些该放手
会隐隐作痛 走过才是真实的自我

reff :
多些幻想少一些 犹豫的途径
路不该是疑问句 要比谁都清晰

未来就会揭谜底 命运捧在我手心

back to (*), reff

或许会不知所措 痛过才浮现彩虹
越纯粹就越感动 我一抬头 是最的天空


还没走到最后 - we haven't reach the end yet
(so that we never have to be afraid of anything :')


We haven’t reached the end yet. Please don’t keep your head down.
The dreams that we picked up along the way seem a little unsettling and confusing.
Some should be tightly held, others should be let go.
I can walk with the pain. That is the real me.

Don’t hide from the things that we’ll do in the future.
Fantasize a little more and be hesitate less on the journey.
The road should not be a question. 
It has to be clearer than anything.
Time will not stop for anyone. It keeps going forward.
Just like love will never be a smooth journey.
The answer will be revealed in the future.
My life is in my hands.

Maybe I won’t know what to do. 
Only after the pain will the rainbow appear.
The more pure, the more touched I am. 
I lift my head. It’s the sky of the beginning.

i finally wrote this. deeply grateful and cherish my entire beautiful life :')

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