Monday, January 25, 2016

Sarah Kay & Phil Kaye in Jakarta! (A Night for Spoken Word - Project Voice)

"When love arrives, say, 
welcome, make yourself comfortable."

It was about one year ago, my best friend showed me their show in Youtube and it took no effort to fall in love with 'When Love Arrives.' Performing Spoken word, Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye translated their connectivity in a weird way, but beautiful enough to fly butterflies around stomach. I always love how they connect all the coincidences into beautiful lines and precise; punctual meaning. But the nice performance was once forgotten until i met Ayu Meutia performed her spoken words in a writing workshop. Spoken word, turned out to be a way to express feeling with a very personal way, that not-so-poetic, rationally smart, importantly minimalist and yet still left the audience heart-touched.

Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye shared their stories in Goethe Haus, Central Jakarta.

Yeah, i was heart-touched and verrrrrry excited in the same time when Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye finally appeared in front of Indonesian audience. Actually, my very basic reason to watch them is to feel the atmosphere, you know, this kind of show was not the type of 'take-home delivery' as you watch them streaming, it need to be enjoyed in time. So I was so glad to share breathless breaths (of their amazing performance) with all of those ‘weird’ audience that night, sharing the same time and space. And everything, still hanging in the air, i could still hear their voices banging in my head, from bicycle, tire, toothpaste, separation, 24 years old, candy, beach with waves turns to golden, and another stories, another stories. Their voices are still sharp and clear, i barely can hear the particles sprinkle around my fingers, ready to turn them into another writings. 

and yes, it's 'A Light Bulb Symphony.' Signed by The Poet: Phil Kaye!

Eventually, the most interesting part was letting myself being dragged by their continuous-unrelated-too much imagination stories. I was like… voluntarily, willingly plunge to a space where they mix all their fantasies and realities into tens of spoken words, flying here and there without questioning any further. Sometimes, their spoken words are pointless, but i enjoyed to the tiniest bit. Getting carried away, trapped in between, lost in screaming and hand-clapping, out of expectation, melting in how they adorn and torn the sentences… and Phil Kaye definitely cracked me up when he told about how he lost his virginity. Lol!

And i looove how Phil danced, witty! :3

Well, sometimes, dreams are so reachable yet in sight, it was kind of unbelievable to finally meet them in persons. Because the exclusiveness of enjoying this kind of show was they couldn’t be kept by any forms, by any stories… because how they made me feel was priceless and particular! Oh, maybe i could bring home my numb palms because i was clapping too often, my warmer heartbeat and my tired lips because i smiled ear to ear too often. Well, impressive show.

"Thank you for stopping by.”

Sneak a peak their interview with Jakarta Globe, here.

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