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Movie Review : You are the apple of my eye (那些年,我们一起追的女孩)

I've been longing for this movie from months ago, and today finally i can watch it. But, frankly said... definitely makes me disappointed. It just not so great as much as i predicted. The story is simply about teenager's life, dream, and love. But, hard to resist, a story that put school's moment and inside's youth story was always interesting. About a pretty yet smart Shen Jia Yi who never like a-stupid than her-guy, so she decided to teach and give so many test paper to a member of class' most naughty gank, Guo Jing Deng, then studying together, just because he saved her on an English class.

From the start of this movie, it almost clear that the girl liked the boy, but for many reasons, they just becoming ordinary friends, although Guo Jing Deng already confess that he is chasing and liking her, but he's not ready for Shen Jia Yi's answer. Maybe it just sooo stupid, but at least, we need to make ourselves proud of something : makes our dreams comes true, and then we can bravely holding our beloved girl's hand.

This movie is kinda a soft nostalgia for us, whoever loved the school's moment; the moment of unadorned and childish blended together, and it just takes time to fully understanding, to be mature. Everyone of us maybe ever felt like Guo Jing Deng who ever chased and liked a girl that driving him crazy(or maybe crazy till now), or everyone of us ever felt like Shen Jia Yi who really wants to answer the confession because she's falling in love too, but just hated that childish boy, and then ended up be with someone else.

There's one quote i really agree, that is "Women will always mature than us, and that's why we never understand."

Anyway, i've fallen in love with it soundtrack which i listened  long time ago before i watched the movie. Here with the translation :)

那些年 (Those Years)

you hui dao zui chu de qi dian
Back to the starting point

ji yi zhong ni qing se de lian
In my memory, I see your young face

wo men zhong yu lai dao le zhe yi tian
We have finally reached this day

zhuo dian xia de lao zhao pian
The old photographs under the table

wu shu hui yi lian jie
Linking to countless memories

jin tian nan hai yao fu nu hai zui hou de yue
Today, a boy will keep his last date with the girl

you hui dao zui chu de qi dian
Back to the starting point

dai dai de zhan zai jing zi qian
Standing in front of the mirror dumbly

ben zhuo ji shang hong se ling dai de jie
Clumsily tieing a knot on a red tie

jiang tou fa shu cheng da ren mo yang
Combed hair to appear as an adult

chuan shang yi shen shuai qi xi zhuang
Wearing a handsome suit

deng hui er jian ni yi ding bi xiang xiang mei
When I see you in a while, it’ll be better looking than you expected

hao xiang zai hui dao na xie nian de shi guang
Wish that (we) could go back to those years

hui dao jiao shi zuo wei qian hou
When we were sitting in the classroom, in front back position

gu yi tao ni wen rou de ma
(Doing something to get) purposely scolded from you gently

hei ban shang pai lie zu he
Pairing arrangement written on the blackboard

ni she de jie kai ma
Are you willing to let go/ separate it?

shei yu shei zuo ta you ai zhe ta
Whoever sits with whoever, he will love her

na xie nian cuo guo de da yu
Those missed years of heavy rain

na xie nian cuo guo de ai qing
Those missed years of romance

hao xiang yong bao ni
I really want to hug you

yong bao cuo guo de yong qi
Embrace the wasted /missed courage

ceng jing xiang zheng fu quan shi jie
Wanted to conquer the world before

dao zui hou hui shou cai fa xian
But looking back in the end, I realized

zhe shi jie di di dian dian quan bu dou shi ni
Every little thing in this world is all you

na xie nian cuo guo de da yu
Those missed out days of heavy rain

na xie nian cuo guo de ai qing
Those missed out years of romance

hao xiang gao su ni
I really want to tell you

gao su ni wo mei you wang ji
Tell you that I never forgot

na tian wan shang man tian xing xing
That night, when the sky was full of stars

ping xing shi kong xia de yue ding
In parallel time and space, we made a promise

zai yi ci xiang yu wo hui jin jin bao zhe ni
If we meet again, I’ll hug you tightly

jin jin bao zhe ni
Hug you tightly

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