Saturday, February 4, 2012

I'll be called today : Grateful Day!

I'm having my time, my really quality time.
Let me deeply showing gratitude to greet a "Happy Birthday 21st" to me, myself. A best friend of mine that always be here, to accompany me doing silly things to getting it right after that, to send my countless courage, giving me advices, a place to lean on all my thoughts, and to always remind me to appreciate every single thing that happened with a positive mind.

Today. i'm gonna burst into a felicity smile, because...of every surprise and greets from everyone surround me :) i'm so touched!

During every birthday i spent, i found out that birthday must be a day for celebrating and appreciating every single things that have been supported me to born, to grow, to having my life like this moment. And as time goes by, i realize that i'm so blessed, my life is very wonderful with every persons that brought many kind of lessons to my life, to painted many kind of colors, to be the meaningful person that suits my heart best. 

And a birthday, must not be a day that you have to worry; about the treats, about the age-adding, about who will care about nor who won't, about how i will spend this special day. 
Birthday for me, now, supposed to be a day to enjoying, to do anything that you want and you like, to be yourself freely, to just sit down sweetly and receive any kind of wishes that your beloved family and friends greet you, or to thank for any present you get.
Birthday is... showing gratitute, grateful, thankful, and appreciate the whole things that entire universe have given to me. and then, to take care everything sincerely.

 Disini, aku sangat berbahagia.
Aku sangat bersyukur, rasanya saat luar biasa. aku tumbuh...dewasa setiap saatnya. :)

Semoga aku dapat meneladani sifat agung dari Guru-ku yang sangat luar biasa, Buddha Gautama. Semoga aku dapat meneladani kebijaksanaan, kearifan, dan kegigihan beliau. Dan tentunya, semoga aku selalu berjodoh dengan Buddha Dharma, untuk kehidupan-kehidupanku yang akan datang, sampai mencapai Nibbana.

Semoga aku dapat meneladani sifat mulia Buddha Putih, untuk selalu memiliki hati yang putih bersih, murni, bebas dari kebencian dan iri hati, serta selalu siap memaafkan dengan tulus.

Semoga aku dapat meneladani sifat luhur dari Bodhisatva Avalokitesvara yang berlimpah dengan belas kasih, yang selalu menolong setiap insan tanpa pamrih dan penuh ketulusan.

Semoga aku dapat meneladani sifat mulia dari Bodhisatva Maitreya, penuh dengan senyum dan tawa lebar yang senantiasa menyenangkan dan membawa kesejukan hati bagi tiap insan yang melihatnya.

Semoga aku dapat meneladani sifat luhur dari Bodhisatva Dharmapala (Guan Gong) yang penuh keberanian yang senantiasa bertindak adil.

Terima kasih yang mendalam, sungguh. Untuk semua yang menemaniku sampai detik ini, untuk semua yang Alam tawarkan, aku akan menikmati dan menghargai dengan sepenuh hatiku, selalu. Aku...akan menjadi orang yang baik. :)

I knew this is just another new chapter to start a new age, to step into a new, better, and a mature life. There should be many surprises waiting for me to find it out, waiting for me to learn a new lesson, and just to feel more and more worthy to live my life to the fullest!

Sincerely Grateful,

04.02.1991 - 04.02.2012

tonight's wish : ***** ***** ***** ***
(hahahaha, hey i'm serious! :D)

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