Saturday, March 2, 2013

efforts. (a simply hi for my blog)

hari-hari di bulan februari yang sangat panjang, saya bahkan tidak sempat menjamah blog ini sepanjang waktu ini. 

so sorry, but i've spent a great month! full of surprises, yet that most hectic one. no wonder, it was the last moment of having a bunch of DIFFICULT final exams in Uni-Life, struggling for presentation of thesis proposal... this is our first time, and we all got exhausted. Thanks Universe, it had been passed. We can,let's say calmly write our thesis from now on.

won't be write much, but after all, i got a very meaningful lesson on my month, that is :

"no matter how hectic your mind is, 
no matter how many things waiting for you to be done, 
no matter what happen, 
do your very best. 
 results are always will grant your wish."

i can say, i satisfied. for every efforts i've been put into, i deserve what i got now :)

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